Isabel Mitarakis participated in the 5th WIP 2020 online seminar

01 / 10 / 2020

This past September 9th, the lead winemaker for the Gravas line, Isabel Mitarakis, participated in the 5th WIP 2020 online seminar, a series aimed at displaying the diversity of Chile and its enormous potential for producing great wines with a sense of origin.
At this time, the conversation was surrounding the origin of the Cabernet Sauvignon from Maipo Andes.

Isabel spoke about the Tocornal vineyard, one of the most emblematic vineyards in the northern zone of the Maipo River, and which has gained great fame for its exceptional wines and as an excellent terroir for Cabernet Sauvignon.

This vineyard was bought by Concha y Toro in 1963, at which point the vines began to be planted. In 1986, Rafael Guillisasti along with winemaker Goetz Von Gersdorff , convinced of Tocornal’s potential as a terroir for Cabernet Sauvignon, traveled to France to present to Emile Peynaud, the father of modern winemaking, the wine being produced in the vineyard. This is how the Don Melchor project came about, which would become Chile’s first icon wine.

For Isabel, there are two key factors that make the Maipo Andes region favorable for the production of Cabernet Sauvignon: the Maipo River, which enables the fertilization of the soils and the Andes Mountains, which help moderate temperatures.

Along with Isabel, the seminar also included the participation of Eder González Alegría, geologist with over 10 years of experience in characterizing soils in Chilean vineyards; Jean-Pascal Lacaze, partner and chief winemaker of Domus Áurea; Stefano Gandolin, owner and chief winemaker of the Tres Marías project; and Andrés Sanhueza, CEO and chief winemaker of Viña Santa Ema.